(Pen name - Santanoo Tamuly)

Father's name :     Late D S Tamuly
Date of birth   :     March 01, 1948



Mouchaq Office, Dekagaon, Jorhat-785006(Assam)India

Phone : 94350 90088(M)

e mail : pctamuly@mailcity.com / mouchaq@yahoo.com



M Sc in Geology(1st Class), Gauhati University, 1970;
Post M Sc Diploma in Petroleum Technology(1st Class), Dibrugarh University,1974
FCIM(Diploma in Business - Personal Management) 1977
Ph D from Gauhati University


literary Activities: (Language - Assamese)
Authorship (Books )
(i) Jon Aru Jonali (The Moon and to the Moon), 1973.
(ii) Sarishrip (Reptiles), 1974.
(iii) Asomor Banausadhi (Medicinal Plants of Assam), 1978.
(iv) Bijnanor Magic (Science Experiments), 1979.
(v) Mani Bani Aru Ekhan Phulani, 1993. (National Award Winning Work)
(vi) Electronic Namar Lorato, 1993. (Rapid Reader for Class VIII, for 1998 to 2000)

Bharator Bipanna Prani (Translation of "Endangered Animals of India and their
Conservation" into Assamese and published by National Book Trust, India), 1996.

(viii) Mayamriga (Collection of Science Fictions), 1997.
(ix) Buri Aeer Sadhu, 1997. (Ed) (xi) Career Guide - Science & Technology, 1999. (Ed)
(x) Grahayuddha(Tr. of The War of the Worlds - H G Wells)
(xi) Photography, 1993.


Editor Official

(i) Annual Report, Regional Research Laboratory, Jorhat since 1977
(ii) RRL News Letter, Regional Research Laboratory, Jorhat since 1977



(i) Mouchaq (Largest circulated Children's Monthly in Assamese) since 1984.
(ii) Natun Awiscar (Popular Science Monthly for children in Assamese) since 1988.


Past Editorship

(i) Trisool (Assamase Monthly), 1978 - 1982.
(ii) Bhumika (Assamese Monthly, 1982 - 1984.
(iii) Swastha Chinta (Health Magazine in Assamese) 1984.
(iv) Weekly News Bulletin of Rotary Club of Jorhat. (1989, 1990, 1991)
(v) Monthly Bulletin of Rotary International, District - 324. (1991)


Important Souvenirs
(i) Editor, Resource North-East, a commomerative volume released on Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society, 1996.
(ii) Chief Editor, Prajna, 4th Jorhat Book Fair, 1997 (Theme : Children's Literature).
(iii) Editor, Souvenir, National Seminar on Resource Mobilization in CSIR Laboratories
and Participation of Indian Industries, 1999.


Science Popularisation
Published more than 500 articles in News Papers and Magazines.

Audio - Visual
(i) Radio Talks and Plays - 36 nos.
(ii) Doordarshan, PPC, North-East - New Year's Programme, 1994 (Co-ordinator)


National Award for Children Literature
(i) XIII National Award (Organised by NCERT, New Delhi) for Children Literature in 1967  for Science based children novel "Mani Bani Aru Ekhan Phulani".
(ii) XVII National Award (Organised by NCERT, New Delhi) for popular science book
 for children "Sarishrip" (Reptile) in 1973.


For Literary Awards of Asom Sahitya Sabha, Assam

(i) Advisory Committee, NIC-NEDFi ; Project on "Creation of a Regional Resource
Database for the North Eastern Region and its dissemination through INTERNET and NCERT.
(ii) Public Relations Society of Indian, NE Chapter, Guwahati
(iii) Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children, India, New Delhi
(iv) Assam Science Society, Guwahati, Assam
(v) Asom Sahitya Sabha, Jorhat, Assam
(vi) Publication Secretary, Assam Science Writers Association, Jorhat, Assam
(vii) Working President, Health, Education and Rehabilitation Society(HERS), Jorhat


Sponsored Project
Principal Investigator, Annotated Bibliography of Popular Science Books in Assamese - a project sponsored by NCSTC, Deptt. of Science & Technology, Govt of India, New Delhi, 1998.