History of Surjya Bipras of Assam


Compiled and edited by

Kamal Chandra Sarma Bordoloi


A brief resume :
Surjya-Bipras of Assam is a small entity. They may also be classified as a clan or a caste or a community. Originally, they were solar-worshippers and as a part of their worship, they studied about our solar system. This had led to the development of Astrology and Surjya-Bipras became astrologers by profession. They were entrusted with the jobs of forcasting eclipses, movement of planets, weather, dates of festivals and calculation of austere times for any things like waging a war, wedding, travel, etc. They were to calculate out the good and evil effects of planets on a country and its people timewise together with suggestion for remedial measures. On the top of these activities, Surjya-Bipras were to prepare life-history of a man soon after his birth yearwise with remedial measures for any hic-cups. Surjya-Bipras are still delivering the social responsibilities in right-earnest and for this, they are also called “Daibaigya-Brahmin” (Brahmin who can tell future) or ‘Ganaka’(Computer of future) also. At present Surjya-Bipras of Assam are doing excellent works in other spheres like politics, administration, science, humanity, culture, etc.

Presence of Surjya-Bipras are found even before the “Mahabhabharat” time i.e. 2000 B C. They were solar-worshipper Aryan Margis Brahmin coming from Persia in groups to Assam through mainly in two routes. The first route was through Himalayan mountaineous routes/passes from Tibet-side to Assam. The other group came to Assam through Indian Main-land but still retaining facades of Margis. Then, the Margis or the Mogs were respectfully accepted in the societies of Assam for their wisdom and austerity.

The integration of these solar-worshippers with the local-societies of Assam was slow. However, the process gets quicker after 300 B C i.e after invasion of India by Alexender and it was completed in 500 A D only. The clan is therefore known as Surjya-Bipras or Daibaigya Brahmin in Assam.

The Surjya-Bipras of Assam is reputed clan or caste of Assam. Their contributions in various fields for the development of Assam are voluminous.